RC Lander F9F-2F Panther Small Electric Oleo Retracts

RC Lander F9F-2F Panther Small Electric Oleo Retracts
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  • Item #: RCLSMER-01S3
  • Manufacturer: RC Lander
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: RCLSMER-01S3
  • Condition: New
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The RC Lander F9F-2 Panther small profile straight electric oleo offer simplicity and ease of operation. Plug in to a retract port on your receiver and done.  The retracts come straight down out of the fuse or wing.  These feature a smaller profile electric retract base than the original retracts.


  • Machined Aluminum struts
  • Rubber tires and plastic wheels
  • Oleo strut action
  • Heavy duty aluminum housing
  • Inside adaptor is a 3mm housing
  • Gear box features ball bearings for smooth operation
  • Comes with 3 way "Y" adaptor


  • Length: Nose Gear: 2 3/4 Inches (From axle to end of housing)
  • Main Gear Length:  3 3/4 Inches (From axle to end of housing)
  • Width: 1/2 Inch/ 14mm
  • Heigth: 7/8 Inch/ 22mm
  • Weight: 7 oz
  • Plane Weight: Up to 6-7lbs
  • Main Wheel:  1 3/4 Inches
  • Nose Wheel:  1 3/8 Inches
  • Axle Size: 3/32" / 3mm
  • Power: 4.8v


  • 25 oz torque servo for nose gear steering.
  • 3x Servo extensions to go from gear into 3 way adaptor at the receiver.