RC Lander Bae Hawk Electric Retracts

RC Lander Bae Hawk Electric Retracts
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  • Manufacturer: RC Lander
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: RCLBAEHAWKRTR
  • Condition: New
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RC Lander Electric Oleo Retracts offer simplicity and ease of operation. Plug in to a retract port on your receiver and done.  The retracts come straight down out of the fuse or wing.  The retracts come with three units for main and nose gear operation.

Designed for the RC Lander 64mm Bae Hawk arf but will work with various 64 and 70mm edf jets. 


  • Heavy duty aluminum housing (Not the nylon base that is in the picture)
  • Inside adaptor is a 3mm housing
  • Gear box features ball bearings for smooth operation
  • Comes with two different aluminum mounting plates
  • Can take various tire sizes with a 3mm axle size on the mains.


  • Width: 3/4 Inch/18mm
  • Heigth: 1 Inch/ 23mm
  • Length: 2 1/8 Inch Housing Length
  • Main Strut Length: 3 Inches from end of strut to axle
  • Nose Strut Length: 3 1/4 Inches from end of strut to axle
  • Main Tire Size: 1 3/4 Inches
  • Nose Tire Size: 1 1/8 Inches
  • Axle Size: 1/8 Inch/ 3mm
  • Power: 4.8v


  • 25 oz torque servo for nose gear steering.
  • 3x Servo extensions to go from gear into 3 way adaptor at the receiver.
  • 1x Servo Y Adaptor- Comes with one Y adaptor for main gear.

 Video is present to demonstrate the operation of the electric retracts.  The retracts in the video do not represent the appearance for features of the retracts pictured and listed above.