RC Lander 50-120mm EDF Test Stand

RC Lander 50-120mm EDF Test Stand
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  • Item #: LEDFTB-50-120
  • Manufacturer: RC Lander
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: RCLLEDFTB-50-120
  • Condition: New
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The RC Lander edf test stand allows the testing of edf jets from 50-120mm.  It will also work with propeller driven aircraft as well.  The test EDF test stand provides a output data display including both the thrust power & output watt respectively. Meanwhile it comes with the ability to test either a single edf unit or the whole EDF jet (AUW up to 7kg) to do the thrust testing. This enables the end user to fully understand the EDF jet thrust output power comparison with AUW. In this connection, they should have more confidence of their EDF jet before take off.

The RC Lander aluminum test stand gives accurate thrutst ratings on 50-120mm edf units.  It features a "smart" anadized aluminum metal edf testing base that can take edf units in the 50 to 120mm edf size.  It has adjustable mounting screws to fit all popular edf unit brands.

Test range: 50mm~120mm
Maximum value test thrust: 10Kg /353oz
Division value: 1g /0.01oz
Sensor power supply: 3V (BEC supply)
Power meter Input voltage: 5~60V
Max current: 150A
Max wattage: 6500W
Net weight: 1955g
Product size: L500xW360xH200mm

EDF unit not included!  The RC Lander test stand is not returnable if it is used or shows any signs of use.