Jetfan 90mm Rotor

Jetfan 90mm Rotor
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  • Item #: JETFAN-90ROTOR
  • Manufacturer: Jetfan
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: JETFAN-90ROTOR
  • Condition: New
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This is a spare rotor system for nearly all 90mm EDF-Systems on the market, especially for the use in the Jetfan-90 and Jetfan-90V2.

Compared to other systems which are mainly made for static thrust we have the advantage of high speeds.
We also developed this fan that you can use your existing high turning motors and ESC with just a little more amp draw.

This rotor only works with the Jetfan 90mm EDF unit.  It does not work with the ECO EDF unit.  The rotor is 0.8mm too large in diameter.

Diameter: 88mm

This utilizes that the "Whoosh Sound" is finally affordable.

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