Jetfan 90mm EDF Curved Intake Ring

Jetfan 90mm EDF Curved Intake Ring
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  • Item #: JETFAN90RING
  • Manufacturer: Jetfan
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: JETFAN-90RING
  • Condition: New
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Intake ring for the Jetfan 90mm EDF Unit.

The JETFAN90, a 9 blade modular rotor with all carbon housing, expertly hand made in Germany and very affordable! This Fan was specially developed for a new "Jetsound" . The sound is very unique and the sound intensity has been minimized in order to get a smooth Whooshing sound similar to a turbine. The high pitch frequencies have been minimized in the design.

The new fan has been developed to have a maximum efflux speed and static thrust. This makes a powerful and wide flying style possible with your model.

Compared to other fan systems which are mainly made for static thrust we have the advantage of high speeds. The fan blade design has been developed so that you can use common Kv motors and ESC with just a little more amp draw than a regular 90mm fan. The fan does not require highly specific low Kv motors in order to work. A very affordable multi blade fan unit that gives you a jet like sound at an unbeatable price!

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