Jetfan 120mm Pro Rotor

Jetfan 120mm Pro Rotor
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  • Item #: JETFAN-120PROROTOR
  • Manufacturer: Jetfan
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: JETFAN-120PROROTOR
  • Condition: New
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This 120mm replacement rotor system is provided for the proven impeller Jetfan-120 PRO, can achieve the "turbine noise" and very good takeoff thrust and higher top speed compared to other manufacturers.

The basic design is towards average beam speed at very good static thrust. Since the jet models in this class are always larger and thus heavier a powerful and fast start is very important. The mean jet velocity also allows large-scale and rapid skimming of airspace. The requirement of customers for a little more "punch and audible turbine noise" we achieve by more leaves and the lowering of the speed. Thus we again have a distinctive sound, and the fall uncomfortable high frequencies away!

Motor Shaft Size: 8mm

Pro Rotor Diameter: 120mm


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