Jetfan 120mm Pro Heat Sink

Jetfan 120mm Pro Heat Sink
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  • Item #: JETFAN-120SINK
  • Manufacturer: Jetfan
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: JETFAN-120SINK
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The Jetfan heatsink is designed specifically for the Jetfan-120 PRO when using the HET-800-86 or 800-73 motors.

By using the Jetfan 120mm  PRO heat sink the HET-800-68 motors and the HET-800-73 series can be cooled better in model jets. The heatsink extends to the front end of the motor and also leaves the cooling air flow between the engine and motor tube of the stator because it is only 0.5mm thick.

The weight is only 21 grams. It is recommended to install it with thermal grease.  The ribbing of the heat sink keeps on its press fit on and does not need to be specially fixed to the motor or edf unit.


  • Inside Diameter: 50mm (Use with HET 800 Series or other 50mm diameter motors)
  • Weight: .74oz / 21g
  • Construction: CNC Machined Aluminum


Picture notice: This is only the heat sink, it does not come with motor as this is for reference only.

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