Jetfan 110mm Rotor

Jetfan 110mm Rotor
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  • Item #: JETFAN-110-ROTOR
  • Manufacturer: Jetfan
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: JETFAN-110-ROTOR
  • Condition: New
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The JETFAN 110, a 11 blade modular rotor with all carbon housing, expertly hand made in Austria and very affordable! This Fan was specially developed for a new "Jetsound" . The sound is very unique and the sound intensity has been minimized in order to get a smooth Whooshing sound similar to a turbine. The high pitch frequencies have been minimized in the design.


  • Rotor Weight: 4oz/ 116g
  • Rotor: 11 bladed dynamically balanced
  • Motor Shaft Size: 8mm chuck adaptor
  • Rotor Diameter: 108mm

The basic design is towards average beam speed at very good static thrust. Since the jet models in this class are always larger and thus heavier a powerful and fast start is very important. The mean jet velocity also allows large-scale and rapid skimming of airspace. The requirement of customers for a little more "punch and audible turbine noise" we achieve by more leaves and the lowering of the speed. Thus we again have a distinctive sound, and the fall uncomfortable high frequencies away!


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