Haoye Aileron Goniometer

Haoye Aileron Goniometer
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  • Item #: HY013A-03201
  • Manufacturer: Haoye Models
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: HY013A-03201
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Get the right control throw movement with the Haoye Geniometer.  It easily measures the movement of aileron, flap, elevator and rudder throws.  Simply mount the geniometer on the flight surface and line up the "0" on the ruler with the edge of the control surface.  Move the flight surface and measure the amount of movement.  It easily lets you know if more or less throw is needed.  Makes setting up the dual rates easy as well.


Simplistic design makes measurements accurate.

Works with all aircraft ranging from trainers to jets that have flight surfaces up to 5" wide.

Pads on feet keep the geniometer securely in place while the airplanes finish is protected.

The rulers curvature matches the flight controls movement to keep measuring the movement easy.

Can measure the movement up to 51mm or 2".