GT Power EDF Lighting System

GT Power EDF Lighting System
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  • Item #: GTP61
  • Manufacturer: G.T. Power
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: GTP61
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The GT Power EDF lighting system gives lighting that simulates the afterburner of jet aircraft.  The simulated light system features 4 led's made up of the navigation lights (red/green) tail and landing lights.  The light system navigation system is operated by any on/off channel on the receiver.  The afterburner light is tied into the throttle channel which will control the effects of the afterburner lighting.

 The afterburner ring size/length is adjustable and can be used from 50-120mm edf units.


  • Input voltage: 3-4S lipo battery interface, auxilery interface (4.8-6V)
  • Working current: 400mA
  • Complete system weight: 50 g


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