FJU Thermal Grease

FJU Thermal Grease
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  • Item #: FJUTGP7
  • Manufacturer: Fan Jets USA
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: FJUTGP7
  • Condition: New
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The high-density thermal compound enhances the motor and edf's performance and long-term durability. Polysynthetic silver thermal compound paste maximizes thermal conductivity between the motor and heat sink/fan assembly.  The grease will not separate, run, migrate or bleed. 

 Thermal grease features:

  • Thermally enhanced ceramic particles
  • Ensures best physical contact between the heatsink and motor in an edf unit
  • Will not separate, run, migrate or bleed

Dimensions: Injection tube : 55x 5 x 5mm. (w x d x h)

Weight: 1.0 Gram

Color: Silver

Operation Temperature: -50/180c

Thermal Conductivity: >3.17 W/m.k

Thermal Resistance: <0.123c-in2/w

20% Metal Oxide Compounds